Sudhir Sarma

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

SudhirSarma is a serial entrepreneur with a background of having built, successfully managed and transitioned his former company, Network Solutions (Netsol,
Sudhir founded Network Solutions a network integration company in 1993 and served as its Managing Director from Inception until Jan 2008. Under his leadership, Netsol grew in terms of strength and reputation as India’s leading network integration and management company.
Netsol received “The Solution Integrator of the Year” award for 3 years in a row from Dataquest, a leading IT publication.
A profitable company from Day 1, Netsol attracted the attention of two large Fortune 100 companies, Intel Technologies in 2001, who acquired a part of the business and subsequently IBM in 2005. Netsol is now an IBM company.
In 2001, Ernst & Young (E&Y) identified Sudhir as one of the top 20 entrepreneurs of the year. Gentleman Magazine described Sudhir as one of the top 25 Indians to watch out for in this century. Express Computer has listed him amongst its Golden People of the IT Industry.
Prior to Netsol, Sudhir held technical positions in the United Nations Asia Pacific Centre for Transfer of Technology, Motorola and Hewlett Packard. He began his career in 1982 with ORG Systems, installing UNIVAC 1100 mainframes. Sudhir was an early investor in Opus Software/Electracard Services which was recently acquired by MasterCard .
The FutureIP stake in ServiceBerry was acquired by Accion Labs .

Sudhir earned an Engineering Degree from MS University, Baroda.o.

Bala Chitoor

Founder & Chief Strategy Officer

Bala is responsible for Future IP’s strategic initiatives and alliances. He also advices the FutureIP group companies in all areas of their businesses as well as their operational strategy.
Bala is an Electronics & Communication engineer by training who chose marketing & strategy as a profession. He launched himself into his career in 1986 with Philips and then moved to India Telecom. After a brief stint in the Middle East between, Bala joined Microland in 1993 to set-up their international business in the U.S.
Upon his return to India, Bala joined Netsol in 1998 to provide direction and drive their International Operations. His contribution to the company was a key factor in Intel’s acquisition of Netsol’s Software and Consulting Group. Bala moved to Intel Solutions Services to head their business in India, Australia, Malaysia and Singapore.
Bala rejoined Network Solutions in 2003 and took over its fledgling Software Group, which he transformed into a respected product development organisation. Netsol’s products for infrastructure and service management were key determinants of the IBM acquisition of Netsol in 2005. Bala continued to be responsible for the software group after the acquisition, till he joined FutureIP.
Bala was responsible for the development of the concept of NOC Inside which has now evolved into a key delivery strategy for Netsol and IBM in the global market