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Welcome to Eco Positive Solutions (India) Pvt. Ltd.

Eco Positive is a FutureIP venture focused on alternative energy technology domain. At present it is focused on waste-to-energy solutions for urban spaces. EcoPositive is involved inresearch & product development in food waste to energy using bio methenation process. Webelieve in creating & delivering meaningful solutions to enable sustainable living with faster return on investments.We aim tomaintain simplicity &maximize use of naturalresources as part of our solutions.

Global environmental sustainability is threatened by issues such as waste and garbage, the green-house gas effect, climate changeto name just a few. There is also the negativeeconomic impact of traditional energy sources and expenditure necessary forenvironmental restoration and protection.

Based on our flagship technology EcoDigester™, we offer bio methenationbaseddecentralized kitchen waste management solution. The solution pack addresses the entire requirement right from input biodegradable waste processing unit to end use canteen kitchen burners or electrical generators for generating electricity for consumption.

Kitchen waste or food waste: Key challenge

Today the “Biodegradable -Food waste” handling,treatment & disposal is becoming a big challenge for urban spaces. A quick look at the following facts

  • The biodegradable kitchen waste is >50% of total waste taking up landfills space.
  • 15% of anthropogenic (caused by human activity) methane emissions are due to biodegradable waste. According to climate scientists Methane is one of the main gases responsible for Global warming.
  • It is responsible for water contamination problems because it generates leachate at landfills.
  • With rapid increase in urbanization, the quantum of waste generated in our cities will increase and with improving living standards, the share of biodegradable/ food waste to landfills may increase.
  • Ever increasing space required for land fill near cities is a huge challenge to manage. Further costs & emissions associated with transportation of waste from city area to land fill adds to this challenges.

Our Solution

A clean kitchen cooking fuel similar to LPG that is economical & generated using a green approach based on our flagship EcoDigester technology is our solution to your waste disposal & handling challenges.

The EcoDigester address the challenges associated with organic/food waste disposal by treatingthe kitchen waste in a decentrilized fashion at the source of waste generation. With its benchmark setting performance & space efficientfoot printEcoDigester provides the best ROI (Return on Investment). The flexible packages offers need based solution based on the amount of waste generated from 25 Kgs/day to 500Kgs/day. The solution aesthetics & completely sealed packaging makes it most urban space friendly even in spaces people moving around.

EcoDigester™ is solution offered for small to medium scale of kitchen waste treatment. The waste is digested anaerobically to produce biogas with over 60% methane. It isbased on our accelerated Eco-methanation technology for processing food waste to achievehighest biogas production per kg of waste& improve process stability. It can be used to treat kitchen waste at -corporate canteen, restaurants, residential apartments, foodparks, resorts, schools, hostels, marriage halls etc.

Why choose Eco Positive?

Innovation:EcoDigester™ is based on patent pending EcoGeometry™ and EcoFlow™designs that ensures higher biogas yields & process stability yet offers operation simplicity.

Elegant:Completely sealed above the ground bioreactor design. Hence nouncontrolled leakage of biogas faced in traditional designs. This addresses the odorissues and makes system saferfor operation.

Simple: No specialized skills required for operations. System is Easy to maintain.

No additives: After the initial system commissioning and ramp up for rated food waste treatment capacity is achieved,noadditional enzymes / additives are required.

Efficient:EcoDigester™ processes more food wastage per unit capacity& generates more biogas per unit of foodwaste input. The power requirement to treat equivalent quantity of food waste is lower compared to traditional designs. Overalloperations cost of the biogas production using EcoDigester™ is very low

Scalable and customizable:The solution is offered in 35kg per day to 200kg per day food waste capacity. We offer various biogas storage options from non-pressurized balloon storage to automated pressurized storage. We prepare customized solution package based on waste quantity, space availability, installation location andany other project specific requirements.

Flexible:The level of plant automation is offered as per project/client requirement. The level of automation can be offered from completeautomation including remote monitoring of key parameter to minimal automation withlocal record maintenance and control.

EcoDigester™ provides simple capital payback in less than 3-4 years.

Client testimony

“Not   only has the EcoDigester™ saved cost of wet waste management and disposal byRs. 3000/- per month, cooking fuel cost too has reduced as we generate   cooking gasequivalent to Rs. 5000/- per month.”

Dr. Bhat   (IAIM- Bengaluru)

Featured in :”Fuelling new Ideas” – The Hindu –June 2013

“In  a day, 3-4 kg of gas is produced out of 30-45 kg of food waste, which gives us3 or4 cylinders a month,”

KK Ghosh   (Director – Admin, JNI, Bengaluru)

Featured in :“An Eco   Positive drive to greener pastures”- Business Line- 16th Nov 2015


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