About us

Our organizational model is unique. FutureIP is much more than a holding company, it is an ecosystem. Our portfolio of investments is based on the core belief of its founders: place our trust on people first and on business ideas, second.
FutureIP is totally focused on working with and leading its portfolio companies through accelerated growth and scale to become global entities. Each company under the Future IP umbrella operates independently, while collaborating with and leveraging the strengths and best practices of group entities. This synergy creates long-term value for clients through strong business lines, unique ideas, intellectual property, and global presence.
FutureIP supports its start-ups by mentoring their management teams, motivating them to create an ethos of innovation and customer service. This in turn attracts capable, passionate and energetic people that share a culture of innovation, effective time-bound execution, and total commitment to the customer.

We believe that we are unique because we take ownership of your business outcome. We are not limited by deliverables; every engagement focuses on exceeding your business needs through value-based contracts. Our services are governed by the impact that they have on your business, and how this can be maximized.

FutureIP’s philosophy is to create substantial value for its clients and customers in every engagement. This is achieved by leveraging technology in ways not done before, creating synergy through integration in every sphere, engineering additional value into every deliverable and by taking ownership of customer and stakeholder outcomes.

FutureIP’s goal is to create a network of independently managed self-sustaining business entities that complement and support each other’s growth and share a willingness to learn continuously and embrace new ideas. FutureIP’s focus areas include IT, Infrastructure and clean tech.

The FutureIP leadership team comes from a background in information technology, and networking products and solutions. The team has a credible track record of having created, grown, and transitioned Network Solutions (Netsol), a large IT services company to two large Fortune 50 companies. In just a few years, Netsol established itself as a trail-blazer in the IT space, so much so that it was acquired in part by Intel and the rest later became a part of IBM.

The leadership team has vast global experience and a vision for rapid growth. It manages the ecosystem with transparent governance, innovation and IP development initiatives, ethical business guidelines, cost efficiencies, and a passion for customer business impact